Personal Chef in Lake Heights, NJ


Hi, I’m Chef David in Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey. 609-402-6281. Throughout the year, we all have a number of events to attend or host. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually enjoy them instead of spending all of your time in front of the stove? This is where I can help.

Catering and Personal Chef Services in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

If you’re wondering what a personal chef in Lake Heights can do for you, let’s talk about what you’ll get from me when you hire me.

Here’s a quick Overview of My Personal Chef Services

  • Personalized Menu Planning – Tell me your food allergies, restrictions, your likes and dislikes and I will create a customized plan.
  • Shopping, Cooking, Cleanup – I do all of the shopping, preparation, cooking and cleanup. I even bring my own cooking supplies.
  • Delivery and Pre-Prepared Foods – I can prepare your meals ahead of time and drop them off. When you get home all you have to do is heat them up.
  • Interactive Parties for Kids – I cater kid’s parties. For ages 10 and up I can do a fun, interactive pizza party too.
  • Romantic Dinner Packages – A romantic dinner for two; or a romantic dinner prepared while you and your significant other get professional massages—the choice is up to you.
  • Catered Events – I even prepare meals for larger events and parties. Now you can stop worrying about the food and enjoy yourself.
  • If you want more information about how my personal chef services in Lake Heights can be a great investment, please give me a call.