Why do we eat when we eat?

I recently shared a post on Facebook, some of you might have seen it. It made me think about how our eating habits have changed and how they even got started.

FoodI did some research and found that the Romans did not really eat breakfast. In fact, it was frowned upon. They usually eat on big meal a day at lunch.
In the Middle Ages, monastic life largely shaped when people ate, says food historian Ivan Day. Nothing could be eaten before morning Mass and meat could only be eaten for half the days of the year. It’s thought the word breakfast entered the English language during this time and literally meant “break the night’s fast”.
But it is work that started to dictate when we eat the meals and times we do today. Laborers needed to fuel up to sustain themselves at work. When they got hungry, lunch time, they would eat a big meal. People would get up earlier and go to bed early as well.
It seems like up until the Industrial Revolution, well artificial light, did people around the world start eating later, dinner. Seems for obvious reasons, it is hard to cook in the dark!
At the turn of the 20th Century, breakfast was revolutionized by American John Harvey Kellogg. He accidentally left some boiled maize out and it went stale. He passed it through some rollers and baked it, creating the world’s first corn flake. And it was the Earl of Sandwich who gave us the sandwich. There are different stories on how but all say it was the Earl who first put meat between bread.
There is a little history for you. Now let me ask you. If the locale bakery or coffee shop had muffins half the size for half the price would you buy more often? Or if the dinner portion at your favorite restaurant was smaller along with the price. Would you eat there more?
To be clear, it is not necessarily the cost of the food in a establishment that dictates the price. It is labor, rent, equipment, utilities, insurances, plates, tables, and everything else you see and do not see that it takes to keep operations going. So you know.
Would you rather eat less and more often? Do you have the time? Still work and to a small degree life is dictating how we eat. Along with being brainwashed into when, what, how often/much we should be eating. Eat what you “like” when you like. But whatever you do enjoy the food you eat!
Just some food for thought………..
Chef David

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