The one thing I have always and still do tell people is, there are two reasons we eat food. First is because we need to in order to survive. If you do not eat you will not exist. The second is because it tastes good. People do not eat food that does not taste good to them. Do they?

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Now there are two ways to make food taste good. The first is Taste! Companies can manufacture or process food to make it taste good. Usually by adding altered ingredients, such as chemicals, sugar, fats or other ingredients. Unfortunately that is not always the best for our bodies. To explain; while I was in the produce department of the supermarket today, more specifically the Organic section; where I was purchasing groceries for my client, I engaged in a conversation with another customer about the organic produce. We were talking when she started telling me that her children were able to tell her that what they were eating was not organic. She and I were slightly surprised that children could tell the difference in their food. She went on tell me they said the produce tasted sweeter when it was organic. Then it made more sense to me. I told her that it was probably because the soil was better soil, having the nutrients needed to make a better vegetable. Without chemicals being sprayed with pesticides, chemical fertilizers and whatever else may be put in to the ground, the soil is in a natural state. Similar to the saying “You are What You Eat”, plants and vegetables absorb what is in the ground. This is the main reason farmers should rotate their crops. The better the soil is for the particular plant the better it will grow and taste! Did you ever eat an apple or other fruit and say this does not taste sweet, good or the way you remember? That may be why. Not to mention it may be out of season! But that is for another blog.

You can however make foods taste good without adding the extra salt, sugar, fat or any of the things mentioned above by using all fresh ingredients. If you do not know how, do not have the time or just want to learn more. Contact me 609-402-6281 OR email me at david@davidsculinarydelights.com so that we may discuss your needs.

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