Recreating a Menu from Scratch!

One of my specialties, recreating what someone had, seen or wanted from somewhere else. Going over menu ideas for a vegan dinner, my client sends me a picture of a menu from a restaurant and asks if I can prepare it for them. Said it would be better than what we discussed because that is what she always makes.

I said sure not a problem.

Last night I made for them; french onion soup, nicoise salad, mushroom crepes w/ chickpea crepes, oyster mushroom escargot, tempeh franchise w/ green beans.
You ask for it, I will make it for you!

menu recreation

Spring is Finally Here

What do we like to do in the Spring/Summer? BBQ of course! Not only is it important to have the correct, fresh food and talent to BBQ. It is also important to have your equipment, the grill, in good, proper working order.

BBQ Chicken

As we take the covers of our grills and before we do our first cook of the season. It is a good idea to make sure our grill still works the way we want it to. First is to make sure we have enough fuel, unless your grill is directly connected to a gas line. Next is make sure, as with each time before you light the grill, is to secure the fuel connections. Follow lighting instructions, and light the grill. Check all burners for clogged holes. If burners are clogged you will have uneven cooking and flair ups, which are potentially dangerous. There should be flames coming out of all the holes. If not, you want to turn off the grill. Wait till it cools off, and take the burners apart to clean them. Follow manufacturer’s guide to dismantle and clean the burners. Although, a metal hanger will usually work well to clear out the holes in the burners. Continue reading “Spring is Finally Here”