Where did Tempura come from anyway?

The Japanese have a unique ability to take foreign food and modify it to Japanese tastes, creating something totally new and original, and tempura is a prime example!

This method of frying food was introduced in the 1600s by Portuguese missionaries. The original dish has disappeared, but it was a meal meant for Lent, when many Christian denominations are forbidden to eat meat. In fact, the name tempura comes from the Latin ad tempora cuaresme, which means ‘in the time of Lent.’ The Japanese mistook this as the dish’s name and called it tempura. Continue reading “Where did Tempura come from anyway?”


The one thing I have always and still do tell people is, there are two reasons we eat food. First is because we need to in order to survive. If you do not eat you will not exist. The second is because it tastes good. People do not eat food that does not taste good to them. Do they?

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