Recreating a Menu from Scratch!

One of my specialties, recreating what someone had, seen or wanted from somewhere else. Going over menu ideas for a vegan dinner, my client sends me a picture of a menu from a restaurant and asks if I can prepare it for them. Said it would be better than what we discussed because that is what she always makes.

I said sure not a problem.

Last night I made for them; french onion soup, nicoise salad, mushroom crepes w/ chickpea crepes, oyster mushroom escargot, tempeh franchise w/ green beans.
You ask for it, I will make it for you!

Grand Opening! New Physical Location in New Jersey.

We are super excited to announce our new physical location at 2520 Hooper Ave, Brick Township, NJ 08723. The other day, we had our grand opening. Looking forward to continuing to service Brick, NJ and the surrounding areas!

How to Win at Valentine’s Day This Year

win at valentines day dinner for twoStanding in line at the local drug or big box store the day before Valentine’s Day, holding a heart-shaped box of mass-produced chocolate candies and a card with poorly written sentiments is NOT the way to win your love’s heart! With a little planning and creativity, you can win at Valentine’s Day this year. All it takes is a little inspiration, and someone who can execute the perfect romantic dinner for two!

So, how is all this going to happen, you may ask? How do I plan, shop, and cook for this romantic dinner? Believe it or not, you don’t need to do anything, it’s as easy as a simple phone call to make it all happen. And the best part about this plan, is that the sky’s the limit as far as the menu, timing, and delivery goes. If you want to impress your Valentine this year, here are some ideas for what to serve and how to do it.

One of the most popular menus for a romantic dinner for two (and it doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day) is a surf-and-turf. A combination of seafood and beef is always sure to please because it provides something for everyone. Things like crab cakes, salmon, or shrimp can be paired with filet mignon, beef wellington, or prime rib cooked to perfection go beautifully together. Simple side dishes like roasted potatoes, julienne carrots or roasted asparagus are the perfect complement to delicate main courses. Even Lobster or crab bisque soups or Risotto with your favorite fish, like shrimp, lobster, or scallops can add just enough warmth and romance to any dinner for two. Any of these main courses paired with the right wine, or even champagne, are a sure bet for this Valentine’s Day.

We would never forget dessert, so a decadent serving of chocolate lava cake, or even apple cobbler served warm with ice cream are very popular finishing touches. Chocolate dipped strawberries, or even a berry tart can work beautifully with flavors, textures, and color to serve for dessert. And if your sweetheart is sensitive to any ingredients, or is watching their weight, a beautiful fruit arrangement or other light-style dessert can be provided.

win at valentine's day with chef prepared valentine's day dinners Dinner for two is romantic any time of the year, and David’s Culinary Delights will bring your vision to reality with just one phone call, especially for Valentine’s Day! We will customize your menu to be sure your significant other is treated to everything they love, right in your own home! We will even arrange to have a licensed massage therapist provide massages while Chef David prepares your 3-course meal. Doesn’t that sound a lot better than over-processed candy or fighting the crowds on Valentine’s Day? Call us now at 609-251-4137 or visit our website today for details on our Romantic Dinner for Two Packages.

How Good Does Your Fresh Food Look?

We seem to be brainwashed into the whole good looking appearance thing. Our cars have to look good, our significant other, clothes, hair, face, furniture everything has to look “good” for us. We spend millions of dollars on advertising and consuming products that are made to look good. But, is the best looking anything really the best?


Take fruits and vegetables. They are grown naturally, in soil along with rocks, bugs, and other animals, with sunlight, wind, rain or not! They are not grown in a perfect environment, nor should they. Just a good one.  Companies have spend millions of dollars and hours to help make our food look good for us to buy. From the perfect shape, to color, we even go as far to put wax on our food to make them shiny so we buy them! And then say not to eat the skin. Which by the way has most of the nutrition in them. Then we even publicize the “The Ugly Tomato”

But why do we have to buy raw products without blemishes? Lets take vegetables, for example. We buy them and we cut them into pieces, cook them, then we eat them. So do they really need to look that good when we first purchase them if we are going to change them into something else anyway? What about fruit you might say? We eat a piece of fruit raw. Yes we do. But do they have to look perfect in order to enjoy that delicious apple, pear, plum, peach or any other. What about oranges or melons where we cut the skin off? Does the skin have to be perfect in order to enjoy the fruit on the inside?

Why do our fruits and vegetables have blemishes on them on the first place? Is it how or where it was grown? As our food grows it may run into obstacles that may cause imperfections to them. Or maybe it is getting old and starting to get rotten? There are many reasons why a fruit or vegetable may have a non perfect skin or outer layer. Does this make it not tasty? After all we do eat to enjoy the taste, don’t we?  If we compare to humans, babies are born with soft smooth as silk skin. As they grow they may get cuts, scraps or bruises that leave a scar. Does this make us not good because we have a scar on our skin? The older we get, the wiser we get. Which is better, isn’t it? Same goes for food we eat.         People do not like fruit that is not ripe. It may be hard and not taste very good. In fact we go to great length to purposely ripen our bananas, tomatoes and others before we eat them.  So a piece of fruit with a small blemish might just be ripening. Which means it may taste better as it is producing the sugars in them that make them sweet.

So, keep in mind when picking fruits and vegetables like anything else, the best looking are not always the best. As is the bigger is not always best either. Large fruits or vegetables sometimes have stayed on the plant too long and can be tough, stringy or too starchy. Don’t be afraid to pick something that does not look “perfect” because it usually is not! Looks are deceiving.  We need to look at the whole picture before we make the decision to purchase.  How much do we need, what are we using it for, and when do we plan on using it.

Next time I will give some tips on how to pick some fruits and vegetables. Till then, enjoy all the fresh foods available to us this season.


David’s Culinary Delights offers professionally prepared meals for you. As your Personal Chef I will customize menus according to your specifications.




You and your guest will receive a Massage, by two Licensed Massage Therapists from Pampered Soul Massage in the comfort of your own home. During which your Personal Chef, David, prepares a 3-course meal of your choice.




I used David Culinary Delights to cater a company party at my house Sunday. He did a very nice job!

Steve G. ~ Manchester, NJ