Personal Chef in Avon by the Sea, NJ


Hi, I’m Chef David in Avon by the Sea. 609-402-6281

I offer a variety of services as a chef. Here are some of my basic services, as well as special packages for those of you in Avon by the Sea.

Overview of Basic Chef Services

  • Customized Meals – Based on your dietary restrictions and/or preferences, I can create a customized meal plan. Then, I can cook these meals for you whenever I’m needed—from every so often to multiple days per week.
  • Delivery – If you like the convenience of delivered meals, I can accommodate you. I will take your customized meal plan and create a splendid meal, which will be delivered at an agreed upon time.

Overview of Special Packages

  • Romantic Dinners – For those of you planning a date night, call me first. Enjoy each other without worrying about cooking.
  • Romantic Dinner Package – If you want to really treat your significant other, purchase my Dinner and a Massage package. While you’re getting a rejuvenating massage, I will be busy preparing a romantic meal. It’s the perfect anniversary gift!

Whatever you need—basic catering or personal chef services, or a more specialized package—give me a call today to see how I can help. I look forward to being of service to my Avon by the Sea, New Jersey neighbors. 609-402-6281