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Chef David
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1 Do you have a culinary question?

2 Want to know how to cook something?

2 Do you make a dish but it does not come out just right and you do not know why?

4 Want to know which spice goes with what you are cooking?

5 Want to know why the recipe is telling you to do something?

Simply contact me and I will answer these and any other question you might have about cooking.

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    David’s Culinary Delights offers professionally prepared meals for you. As your Personal Chef I will customize menus according to your specifications.




    You and your guest will receive a Massage, by two Licensed Massage Therapists from Pampered Soul Massage in the comfort of your own home. During which your Personal Chef, David, prepares a 3-course meal of your choice.




    I used David Culinary Delights to cater a company party at my house Sunday. He did a very nice job!

    Steve G. ~ Manchester, NJ